Friday, 8 July 2011

Issues Raised by the Solitaire Stall

On a recent visit to Covent Garden I was drawn towards a stall selling solitaire sets. Like a magpie, I was attracted by the garish coloured balls - I am easily pleased - and the gleaming wood of the sets. The first question to occur to me was why was I not the only one at the stall? Surely, to be true to its purpose, there should never be a queue.

The second question to occur to me was that if someone jumped the queue, should the person overtaken be removed?

The third question to occur to me was that if so many people felt the need for solitaire sets, why didn't they all get together socially and then they wouldn't need to play solitaire? I think there may be a niche market for solitaire sets for two - or am I alone in this?

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